Booking your photo session can be a bit confusing at times, especially if this is your first time working with me.

I created this page to help the entire process go a bit smoother and answer many of my most common questions. 

If you can't find your answer here, please contact me with your question and I'll help out in any way I can. - Lauren


How do I find out your prices/book a session?

You may contact me on the 'Let's Talk' page to request a custom quote or you can find our base packages and pricing on each investment page.

How is a location picked for a session?

The choice of location is completely up to you. I can give suggestions for locations as well as the best time to shoot at. (I only do sessions a sunrise or sunset and mostly shoot outdoors but I am not opposed to shooting indoors, given there is lots of natural light I DO NOT DO STUDIO SESSIONS) I'm more of a candid photographer so I may ask you a few questions to find a location that is special to you. Remember that the client is responsible for paying any fees the venue or location may charge to photograph there.**


How many edited photos will I receive?

I can't give an accurate answer to this question. In all honesty, it depends on the session. I will tell you I only deliver the good stuff (& the funny stuff). On average I deliver about 30+ photos for mini sessions, 50+ for full sessions, and 300+ per wedding. These numbers are just an estimate!

Will you edit me (skinnier/bigger/different)?

I get this a lot, "Make me 40lbs lighter." The answer is nope. I will not MANIPULATE your looks/body to make you look unlike you. You are beautiful just the way you are! What I will do is use flattering posing/lighting and with that we will capture photos of you looking your best. My editing style is more on the natural side so photo manipulation isn't part of my process. With that being said, things such as blemishes will of course be taken care of. All the photos you receive from your session will be edited. You will not receive any unedited photos.

Take a look at my style before booking a session to be sure my work is the right fit for you.

The turn-around time for regular sessions (seniors,families,engagements,bridals,children,boudoir,etc.) is 2 weeks from the session date.

The turn-around time for wedding galleries to be delivered is 8 weeks, but I usually deliver within 4.

How will I receive my edited photos?

Regular sessions and mini sessions will be delivered via email on an online gallery where photos may be viewed, downloaded, and print orders can be submitted. The photos received on this gallery are high resolution images which may be downloaded and printed on your own using your print release.

Weddings will be delivered by both online gallery(web size) and usb(high resolution).

What do I wear for my session?

I always say the most important part of what you wear for your session is if you are comfortable in what you are wearing. If you feel confident in your outfit, your photos will turn out better. Go for flattering looks, neutral colors/prints, and most importantly something that matches your personal style. Be aware of your session location when choosing outfit options.

When in doubt, ALWAYS message me I'm happy to help.

Message me any other questions you think I should include in this section!


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