Attie | Bridal Session

It's been quite a while since I've blogged any of my work.  With the hot summer slowing my schedule down in the coming future, I'm looking forward to blogging more frequently and sharing more of my favorite photos here. 

The first time I met Attie was actually at this session. We had only exchanged messages/emails through out our booking process up until that point. Lucky for me, she is seriously the SWEETEST person ever. We hit it off right away (+bonus: her family is awesome too) This session was seriously so fun.

We used her parents' home and neighboring yards as our session location which worked beautifully keeping her portraits timeless + simple!

Very thankful for my love of bushes and white garage doors. You can ask any of my clients if there's any in sight, we ARE using them. But this just proves we don't need very much to work with. 

  I just photographed her wedding this past weekend and believe me you're going to want to check in for that blog post! 

Here are some of my favorites from our session. Enjoy.

- L

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