Grand Canyon-Horseshoe Bend-Antelope Canyon-Arches N.P.-Roadtrip

In honor of the one year anniversary of this amazing trip (and the fact that I'm heading out the door on another one right now) I've finally blogged a few of my favorite shots from one of the best road trips I've taken so far. I believe that everyone should drive across the country, living out the back of their car, having heart-to-hearts on the top of mountains with there best friends at least once in this short lifetime. I was pinning to my "places to see bucket list" board on pinterest one night, when the thought dawned on me... "What am I waiting for?" I had a break in my work schedule coming up, my brother was about to leave for basic, and the busy wedding season was about to pick right back up. I had a very short window of time if I was really going to do this. I called Sid + Jake and immediately started planning the road trip of a lifetime. Unfortunately, Jake had to leave for basic sooner than we anticipated so it was going to just be me and Sid, living out the back of my Jeep Grand Cherokee for five days. I was at a stressful point in my life when it came time to leave for the trip and it turns out it was exactly what I needed at that time. Here's the crazy schedule for everyone wandering all the places when saw. I hope you enjoy these photos and may they inspire you to get up and start checking off that bucket list. I'll be sharing another post when we get back from our little trip this weekend. <3 

---Thank you Sid for always jumping on board with my crazy ideas. Love you. 

Day 1 : Left my house and suck my Jeep in the mud not even an hour from my house (great start eh?) Thanks to the guys that happened to be leaving their camp and pulling my car out the mud. Picked up Sidney, said goodbye to Louisiana, and made it all the way to AZ just before the next sunrise. 

Day 2 : ---Grand Canyon National Park - Bright Angel Trial     Drove to Horseshoe Bend and slept in the parking lot to catch sunrise there. PS the 'parking lot' is just sand in the dark haha. 

Day 3 : ---Sunrise at Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon tour (we booked with Ken's tours ) We happened to get lucky and be the only people on that tour time slot. We had a great tour guide and learned so much about the incredible canyons, their spiritual stories/qualities, and the natives that live there. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!                                      ---Drove to Monument Valley, Utah to see the landscape for sunset.                                                         ---Drove until we reached Arches National Park that night and slept there.                                                  

Day 4 : --- We spent the entire day hiking at Arches (YOU NEED AN ENTIRE DAY FOR THIS PLACE!) Headed home that night and made it all the way to New Mexico before a short nap

Day 5 : Cadillac Ranch, TX --last stop before we made it home