Katelyn & Andrew are engaged!

Andrew and Katelyn are two of my very best friends. For years now they have been there through every up and down life has given me, Katelyn is even my son's godmother. I was so excited when Andrew let me be a part of one of the most unforgettable days in their lives. I've had the privilege of watching their relationship grow from the very first day we all hung out. 

When Drew told me he was going to propose I was so excited! He started telling me all his ideas, each one cuter than the next. Unfortunately, Katelyn is a girl, and as we girls know if we're  suspicious about something we stop at nothing to figure it out. Every time it would get closer to time for Andrew to do it Katelyn would figure it out. After we all got together for the 4th of July (She figured that one out too) Andrew called me as soon as he got home and said, I'm doing it tomorrow. 

We got up early, met as his mom's house. For those of you that don't know Andrew recently got accepted into Pharmacy school at ULM -- we couldn't be more proud! Which is why his idea for the proposal is so cute and perfect.

We went to our local Reed's Pharmacy in Mamou and he got a printed medicine bottle that read "Will you marry me?", filled it with smarties, and went to wake up Katelyn. We told her we were going eat boudin and spent time together before we all had to part ways and go back to our homes. Once we got to Drew's parents house he handed me the ring and I set the bottle on the table outside and hid, camera ready. Now for those of you that know Katelyn what happened next is perfect for her. Andrew got her outside (she checked his pockets and told him "no funny business hah) and when she saw the bottle.... she turned and walked away.. SHE WAS RUNNING AWAY!.. Leaving Drew to grab the bottle, chase her, and say "girl take your medicine!" - perfect Drew & Kate. She didn't go far, and of course once he got to her she said YES. Let's just hope we don't have a runaway bride on our hands. ;) 

I wish you guys all the happiness in the world and I can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of such a special day. Love you both so much!