About Lauren


What’s up!

Hey there! I’m Lauren!

a few fun facts about me:

  • I’m a big fan of gifs + memes and you will RECEIVE at least 1 as my client

  • 90% of my wardrobe is black/gray (is it grey or gray?)

  • spicy > sweet all day

  • I take my cake without the icing

  • blue redbull > coffee (although I do enjoy a good cup once in a while, yall don’t be mad.)

  • total night owl but i still run through the house if the lights are off

  • you will never catch me without funky nail polish on. (99.8% accurate)

  • I love to fish and have passed that down to my oldest so pretty much every day of summer break is spent at the pond

  • I refuse to watch those commercials with the sad/hurt animals.

  • I speak english and sarcasm.

  • i own way too many journals, but have never filled one.

  • spontaneous road trips are kinda my thing

  • I started taking photographs way before it became one of my “things”

  • This business began BECAUSE my husband VOLUNTEERED me to take family photos on a facebook post. without asking me. i found out when I RECEIVED the notification. I’m a huge people pleaser so of course i said yes. The rest is history.

  • i love good books, syfi, old rock, almost all music, adult comedies, my boys, my pups, my husband, and of course my job.

That’s all for now, I have to keep a few Secrets about me, right?


Meet the rest of the team



If you choose to hire a second photographer for your wedding, then 9 times out of 10 (with the exception of duck season) you’ll be lucky enough to get this guy.

Tanner and I have been together for 7+ yrs and married for 5 and he’s been my second-shooter for more than 2.

He’s one heck of a photographer and the coolest guy I know.

He’s sorta a jack-of-all-trades so If i listed everything about him, this would go on for days. So if you want to get to know him or book a session with him, give his page a like here :

T.Smith media

or to check out his hunting photography + get to know him follow him here :



Meet C + W

Of course the boys are part of the team too!

Everytime you book a session or wedding with us, this is who you’re helping out.

you’re helping to keep a roof over these boys heads.

They’re the coolest kids I know, although I’m a little biased.

Carson is our oldest, he’s kind, happy, and curious, he’s like sunshine.

Wesson is our youngest. He’s sweet, fearless, and always laughing, he’s my wild child.

They are an absolute handful but they are the greatest adventure of my life.



Here’s my girl gyp.

She’s cute.

That is all.